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    Speaker Suggestions/Help with list

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my stereo starting with speakers, and eventually upgrading to an integrated amp, ect.
    I want to make a list of speakers to look at in the $400-$500 range (Bookshelf W/stands). My main question would be is what speakers would work well with poorer recordings as well as larger buget recordings, I mainly listen to Indie Rock,Garage Rock (some not having the best studio budgets) and do not want to get speakers that will end up making the Cd's & Albums sound worse or the stuff thats recorded well sound bad. I'm very new to this, I've always spent all the money I have on the actual music and not equipment and figure it's about time to spend some on what I listen to it with. Since that's what I spend most of my time doing.

    any suggestions of speakers I should listen to would be great! Thanks!
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