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Thread: speaker size

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    speaker size

    when setting up your speakers small normal and large in my case its normal and large only...what size speakers = what ?? sats obvious small...and normal if its the only setting....what about bookshelf and the centre what is considered a large centre and how to it the size of speaker or a spec which would determine this ??


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    It's based on the speakers ability to produce bass.A larger speaker able to play down to say 40hz or in that area would be set to large or a small book shelf that does'nt have that ability would be set to small or normal.The bass would then be sent to a sub.Or you can set a larger speaker,more bass responsive,to the small or normal setting and route the bass signal to the sub.This is said to create a better sounding system as the amp is only called upon to drive the mids and highs.You would need a powered sub for the latter.So speaker specs more determine this.

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    size dont matter mate!!!!

    at least me wife keeps tellin me so ;(
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    Quote Originally Posted by thepogue
    at least me wife keeps tellin me so ;(
    That's probably why on Willow's receiver it's "Normal" instead of "Small".

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    She's good, real good.

    Quote Originally Posted by thepogue
    at least me wife keeps tellin me so ;(
    So is my wife, maybe they should go bowling together.

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