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Thread: Speaker hook up

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    Speaker hook up

    I should be getting my Yamaha HTR-5650 via UPS in a few days and I plan on buying the Athena AS-F1 floor standing speakers and the AS-C1 center channel very soon. My question is: Can I just hook these up with bare wire or do I need "banana plugs" or something like that. I've got some cable ends that didn't come with any directions. Do they normally just twist on to the end of the bare speaker wire?

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Bare wire will work fine.

    Just make real sure to twist the exposed wires and when attaching them to the speaker (and amp) terminals that no loose ends stray and touch the other terminal. Poof!

    Nobody actually "needs" banana plugs but I find them preferable because it simplifies the hook up procedure. The hard part is done in wide open spaces and all you need do behind the amp and speakers is simply plug 'em in.

    If you are using 16 gauge wire, RatShak sells some cheap banana plugs that are more than up to the task.

    Aa far as sonic differences between bare wires, spades and bananas? Nah!

    BTW, nice choice on speakers. Got 'em myself and love 'em. I'm also using B2's as surrounds.
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    it will sound great, i have the 5650 and athena speakers and they match perfect. i dont have the asf1's yet but thats what im going to go with very soon, maybe even the asf2's there on sale here for 20 bucks more then the asf1's "$280 off" i really love the sound of the asf1's i havent heard the asf2's yet but i can only bet there awsome.

    i dont use banana plugs on my 5650, and it sounds great. i use 14 gauge wire. it grabs the wire fairly good i had a few times it slipped out. after you get them all wired in turn on some music and walk around to each speaker and make sure it playing. when i pushed the amp back into the shelf my rear right popped out for some reason so i had to pull it back out and tighten it up. The last time i pulled it out to hook up a cd player my left speaker in room b popped out. but once you get them all in and dont pull it out it works great. i tightend them as much as i could by hand, the next time i pull it out i might grab a small wrench and give it an extra twist then i ll be set.

    all around its a great amp, you'll be happy

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    Red face I've used banna plugs....

    on every system I've done for the past 3 years. You might be able to live without them as far ast hooking up individual speakers... but when trying to wire speakers in an AV receiver, they're flat out invaluable. There's nothing tougher than trying to wire 5 or 6 speakers to a AV receiver that's in an AV stand, with insufficeint light room. Two smartest things I did... labeling the individual sets of wires... and using banana plugs... in and out.. snickity snack..

    Da Worfster

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