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    Lightbulb speaker,amp or monitor advice....

    How ya all doing? I would greatly apprecaite it if some one can help me out with some information/advice. What I'am looking for is more sound, a louder and clarity sound through my stereo system. I need something to make it louder with good clarity. Do I buy a sound system monitor or a power amp or something else? Is there some kind of speaker that I can get? I'm not sure which may to go and some one knows what I mean (I might not of explained it thourghly enough)and they can help me out. Thanks!
    I have a Denon Reciever (1604 or 1804 I have to check when I get home) with Bose book shelve speakers (201v series, they suck). Volume and Clarity are my #1 things so what are the things I need to check out 1st? Do I have to make sure my reciever and speakers can handle a certain power? Do I go with Just getting more of a better expansive speakers or can I go go and get a (rather do) amp or monitor for more of a louder sound system?

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    Not sure what you're talking about with a monitor? Your TV shouldn't have any effect on the audio.

    First thing I would do is upgrade the speakers. Then if you need more power get a seperate power amp. You can get a good 6 channel amp for less than $1000 and that will handle an entire 5.1 system. What's your upgrade budget? How big is your room?

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    speaker,amp or monitor advice....

    Thanks for the help....

    I'm not hooking it up to my T.V. & it's not through 5.1 system. I thought with like 2 way monitors or something that it could boost the sound up (for ex:Carvin makes Carvin model 973 3 way monitors ) My budget is from about $100. - $500. and I think my basement size is about 37L x 18W .

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    You want volume and clarity, eh?

    Klipsch, all the way. Highly efficient, and the horn tweet is right up your alley. It will probably make your current receiver sound like a brand new unit.

    Give 'em try.

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