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    So, I need to sell off my speakers - how much are they worth?

    I have a pair of Cliffhanger Audio Bulldogs I'd like to sell, but I'm not sure how much to ask for them.

    They're in good condition overall, and work beautifully. How much should I ask?

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    I see the list price was $3700 US. How old are they? What did you pay for them?

    How many people ever heard of them? I didn't until I looked at your links.

    I can tell you now, selling unknown gear is pretty hard today. I have been trying to sell a pair of Clearfield Continental speakers for a while. They are actually Von Schweikert's when he worked for Conterpoint. They were $3500 new and I can't get a hit for $600 and they are killer speakers.

    I was just able to sell an $800 Sound Valves Tube Pre amp for $250 within a month only because you can't get a tube pre any good for close to that money.

    What country are you in?

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    i have 2 1/2 in sony car speakers, 2 6/9 in car speakers and 2 12 in kicker subs how much are they worth

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