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    Shopping for a powered Sub <$600...suggestions?

    I'm considering the purchase of a new powered subwoofer (for HT, games, and music). So, I saw the Velodyne DPS-10 today and liked the controls on the front. I'm also considering the DPS-12, but not sure if it would be worth the extra ~$100. Can anyone suggest a good performing powered sub under $600 with easily accessible controls or recommend either the DPS-10 or DPS-12?

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    im sure if you do a search, youll find more than enough on subwoofers.

    might i also suggest hsu ( or svs (

    as well as many other great subs in that price range

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    For $600, I wouldn't look at much else.

    But why would you need controls on a subwoofer? You shoud never have to touch it.

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