I recently scored a pair of Sansui SP-300 speakers. ($250) I was setting them up at home and the first thing I noticed was the balance on my receiver was favoring the left speaker. A little later I had the volume up a little higher and noticed the sounds being emitted were not as clear as I had hoped. They are 50 years old so I know things happen. Yesterday I removed the back covers to get a look at the crossover caps. One cap on the left speaker had been replaced and I noticed one of the coils (forgive my terminology as I am not electronically gifted) was in the air at about a 45 degree angle whereas the other 3 coils were held by a screw in the flat position as originally built. The wires are connected on the airborne coil as required. I was just wondering if that would do any harm in that position or nothing to worry about? I think I will replace all of the caps and try the speakers out again. No signs of any problems with them but they are 50 years old and I previously described my sound issues. I tried to upload a photo of the crossover in question but had a problem. I am new to this forum and will have to learn about photos. Thanks in advance.