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    Sand in Vienna Acoustics

    I have a pair of used Vienna Acoustics Beethovens. The manual says I can pour sand in the bottom of the speaker to improve bass. Has anybody done this or knows how to do it? There are 2 holes in the back and not sure which one should get the sand. Thnx.

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    A lot of speaker companies allow for mass loading. Just go down to your local Home Depot and get a couple of bags of Playsand. Buy or make a funnel and pour it in. If you can't figure out which hole it is, call the manufacturer. Do NOT put it in the air port if your speakers are so designed! I'd also make sure you've got your speakers exactly where you want them before you load them as they will be considerably heavier once full. Usually, mass loading tightens up the bass, ymmv.

    Hope this helps.

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    There is also a school of thought that the sand should be replaced with lead shot. For the firearm impaired "lead shot" are the small round balls that are fired from a shotgun. You can purchase it online or in gun stores. It comes in various sizes. Sand can attract moisture and even bugs. Lead shot doesn't attract anything. I have used lead shot in speaker stands with good results.

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