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    RS6 MidRange Woofer Crazyness

    So I plugged my MA RS6 into the Electrocompaniet PI-1 tonight for ****s and giggles and the midrange woofer just went crazy. Major phaze issues w/ vocals too. Like fluttering. Booth woofers seemed to just be moving around way more than I remember last time I had them plugged into the JRDG 102S, about 2 months ago.

    The PI-1 is ranged 8 Ohms x 100W and 6 Ohms x 150W - the MA RS6 are 6 Ohms. So, 125W, which is what my AVA OmegaStar is and it didn't do that.

    The speakers have been sitting for 2 months off in the corner, covered.

    Any ideas? I am gonna try w/ the another amp this weekend but WTF was going on?

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    you didn't accidentally hook them up incorrectly didn't you?

    or left the jumpers in place in case you're biwiring?

    speakers don't just 'die', and especially not over a relatively short 2 month period...

    So, check connections!

    Good luck
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    Which source were you using? Playing vinyl can lead to woofer pumping like you describe. The sound should not be effected just the visual appearance of the excess movement.

    Since the sound was changed I would simplify the system to find the problem. I see you have some PSAudio equipment. I would plug the E P-1 directly into the outlet and not use anything between it.

    I will be interested to read what you may find is the problem.
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    Well, this morning, I busted back out the JRDG 102S and hooked up the KingRex as a pre-amp to the PC-1 (CDP) and all seems to be good.

    I'll try later this week with the TT through the PI-1 again to see if that happens again.

    I'll let you know.

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