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    Reputable place to purchase speakers online?

    Specifically, Energy, B &W, Dynaudio etc. Does anyone know of any reputable dealers that should ship to NYC? I went to a high end audio places here and they treated me as if I was an idiot and what I was hearing wasn't "true audiophile" sound, rather their own opinions and explanations. Both places also had an attitude when I said that I thought my fathers' Ohm Walsh 5 speakers sounded better than the PSB's he was trying to sell me. Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    You're in NYC???

    Do thyself a favor and hie thee buttox to in Verona, NJ.

    Set up an appointment with John Rutan. He'll not talk down to you.

    Please, please don't buy speakers without careful listening. Even a great name might be distasteful to you in the long (or even short) run.

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    Mar, yes, I am in NYC. I wouldn't purchase them without listening as I've listened to a few and really like the Vandersteens, Dynaudio, and some of the BW stuff. I would like to listen to Mirage however as I heard they are similar in sound to the Ohm Walsh, which my parents have and I absolutely love. I've also heard the Magnepans but would like smaller speakers because I live in a NYC apt.

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