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    Replace stock jumpers with speaker wire?

    On a speaker with dual-terminals, and a jumper connecting them, will replacing the stock jumpers (those that came with the speaker) with actual speaker wire make them sound any better?

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    haven't done any comparisons, but based on recommendations I received on this board about a year ago when I got new speakers and posted pics clearly showing jumpers, I replaced the factory jumper plates with the same speaker wire I use between speakers and amp - didn't have to buy add'l wire, just cut and trimmed excess. made sense.

    I have done a little experimenting with moving wire from lower to upper terminals and back. couldn't tell any difference so I went with manufacturer's suggestion.

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    I agree with Dean_. I used pieces of the same 12 gauge wire I used to connect the speakers to the amp.

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    Have done this with all my speakers except the center which is bi-amped. Seems to sound a little bit better.

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    Here's my take on this. Dont you think that the speaker companies would know what sounds best- wires or a metal plate? If wires sounded better then the company would use them because it is such an inexpensive thing to do rather than making a metal plate. Its just my theory! And besides, the distance we are talking about is so small that I doubt it would make much difference.
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