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    Repair an F-series Velodyne

    Several years ago, I bought an F-Series Velodyne Subwoofer, which I happily used in my 2 channel stereo HT setup. Unfortunately, the sub is now making nasty noises when music is passing through it and I was wondering if it might be worthwhile to open it up and replace the sub driver. I am pretty handy and could probably manage the job without any assistance.

    Other folks have written threads (now several years old) which seem to indicate that making a DIY sub is a good project. Since I have the enclosure, even if the rest of the internal gear is FUBAR, should I consider rebuilding? What are your thoughts? Thanks for your time and courtesy.

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    More likely it's the sub amp. You can buy a replacement at Parts Express. They have excellent DIY subs as well.

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