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    Question about soundbars and my living room layout (pic)

    Hello everyone.

    I just downgraded to a small 1bedroom Apt. My living room is not that big. I only have a 32" LG le5400 and a couch lol.

    Right now I have no player or physical media. I stream all my movies from my PC via HDMI and use my great Sennheisers HDR 170's for surround sound. Only for movie watching of course the rest of the time I use the TV speakers.

    I now want to upgrade and share the Home Theater experience with friends and family. Due to the small size of living room I have decided to invest on a soundbar.

    After doing some research I have found out that:

    1.) no matter what soundbar you get a true 5.1 system will always beat it. (I kinda knew that since I had an older Bose 5.1 system)


    2.) For a soundbar to have full surround sound effect a 4 wall setup is required of optimal use.

    Because of #2, I'm not sure how much I should invest in a soundbar.

    Now here are the soundbars I have narrowed down to:

    LG LSB316 2.1 w/wireless sub

    Boston Acoustic TVee Model 30 Sound Bar w/wireless sub

    Yamaha YSP 2200 Digital Sound Projector

    I have a pic of the living room but this website requires me to have more than 10 posts.

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    Here's a pic of my living room.


    My question is, due to the layout of my living room. Am I just better off going the inexpensive route for a soundbar since I won't be able to have the advantages of surround sound from high end soundbars? I'm willing to spend a little extra on quality but in my case will it help at all?

    The 3 soundbars I'm interested in buying have a $200+ gap from each other so I'm a little confused on which one I should select.

    Your thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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