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    Quad ESL 2805 - keeping them switched on necessary?

    Someone recommended me to keep electrostats always switched on, because it takes some time (hours?) to build up the charge on the membrane. Now I wonder what people's experiences are with this: to me it feels a bit uncomfortable to keep them switched on 24/7. Although power consumption is minimal (few Watt) I wonder whether there are drawbacks to this as well. Will it impact the lifetime of the speaker / membrane?

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    Not speaking to ESLs exclusively but 'hard' switching is generally harder on equipment than leaving it on for a day or two due to the massive inrush of current. Soft switching is done electronically and will usually leave leave the equipment in standby mode.
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    In my experience ESL's should be energized 100% of the time. I have never heard that keeping any ESL energized had any impact whatsoever on the life span of the speaker.
    As a long time ESL owner, my "stats" are energized all the time. Unplugging them means two to three days before they start sounding "right" again. That's way too much warm up time.

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