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    Quote Originally Posted by blackraven
    Its unfortunate that there are some manufacturers that dont sell their high end equipment in the US. JBL sells high end speakers that are not available here.
    What, you mean, like the K2 S9800? They're available here, just...only from select dealers.
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    5-6 years ago I was browsing the net and came across a line of JBL speakers that were not available in the US. I cant remember the name. They may be available now or no longer made.
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    Hate to hijack the thread, so I'll start with writing that I'm glad you like your new Yamaha gear and that you find it so much more satisfying than your old Sony gear. That's the good news. The bad news is your wife thinks you're done now for at least ten or fifteen years.

    However, if you still feel a little burn in your chest concerning what you want to get next, it won't be long before you'll be thinking about the next step and the next.


    For the guys writing about JBL, the historical observations are too painfully true. JBL never stopped making world-class speakers; it just made it nearly impossible to find them in the US. It took me months to find and purchase the JBL Performance Series 7.1 system I currently use. It was worth it, but the average music lover doesn't want to work that hard (and shouldn't have to).

    Now with the Studio L Series somewhat more available, there's a great line that hits the upper end of the consumer market at a terrific price. The Performance Series, Array Series, and K2 Series are all available here in the US, but good luck finding them outside of a few dealers. The new $60,000 Everest II statement speaker is also available here if you don't mind being on a two-year waiting list.

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    I have a pair of NS-555's and they are still breaking in a bit, I think. They were a little harsh at first but have smoothed out over time and use becoming more natural. I am using them as my mains for my Home Theater and the room is about 12 X 14 so they are more than capable. These are ported in the back so placement by walls and corners is a selective process, the positioning changes their bass response a lot, so if you are not getting much you may try shifting them around. Also they can be Bi-Wired which is supposed to increase the bass response too. So far I am enjoying them for 2 channel music or surround sound films and music.

    Yamaha makes a lot of music equipment from studio speakers to sound systems a band would use in a club. They seem to have a pretty good handle on sound reproduction and for the money often make pretty good stuff. Super audiophile? No but for the average joe they do more than a fine job at making the music real, natural and inviting plus the pod race from Star Wars sounds awesome thru mine.

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    Positioning is critical with the 555's and 777's as the back is ported for the bass speakers, so finding where to place them from the wall or the corner will make a difference as to the bass response. With a little luck you find the good spots and hope they don't interfere with the sitting area. Also I have 555's and they did need a break-in period to smooth out.

    Best of luck these are good speakers I hope they work for your situation it could sound awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluforever
    for a complete speaker cost (NS777 NS555 c444 center) of $800 delivered (A stock, new sealed), and the performance provided, Im quite happy.

    But being such an audio noob - I may be missing out with better similar priced bargains. No worries though - if you heard my cheesy sony home theatre in a box speakers prior too these, you would probably agree crap TR would have been an upgrade. The sony's were that bad.

    Thank you so very much for your help and response, I feel worlds better that they can be used in that configuration.

    Don't feel bad, those are some nice speakers. I just bought some Kef Iq5's with a low end Onkyo receiver connected to my PC and it blows me away... Those are some pretty good looking speakers and they seem to be pretty hefty units, no matter what you hear, one doesn't have to spend thousands to get good sound.

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