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    Question Proficient subs, any good?

    Seen a subwoofer called Proficient S12, cant seem to find any reviews but i see they are a "real" company so i was wondering if anyone knew if they were any good....i found this S12 for $300, but i was thinkin i could prob find something better for that price, then again im not sure how good Proficient subs are? Also JBL Bass 20 for $ assuming JBL isnt the great with home theater subwoofers, but i know they're car subs arent to shabby....?
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    I have a problem recommending a cheap 12" sub. My feelings are that it will have a boomy or muddy sound. If I were looking at an inexpensive sub, I would consider smaller subs with 8-10" woofers. My feeling is that the bass will be more controlled. I would look at the Mirage S8 and S10 subs or some of the lower priced velodynes like the DLS 3500.

    Here's a velodyne VRP series sub 10". These were a decent budget sub that is no longer made but can be found for big discounts.

    And here's a DPS series velodyne-
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    I agree with Raven!

    My vote is for the Velodyne DPS-10!
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    or go with Dayton/Titanic series (i am justifying my own equipment decision based on forum inputs! )

    see parts express for good deals - they might still be on sale...
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    I got an s12 off ebay for the astounding price of 85 dollars...Shipped! Though I don't have much experience with subwoofers, I love it! I was kind of skeptical of proficient because I couldn't find much about them but I won't hesitate to buy anymore of their products. The only problem I have is it tends to overheat and shut down after a few hours of loud, room shaking play...usually when the party should stop anyhow.

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