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    Polk Audio TSi100 findings.....

    Well fellas hooked them up. I must tell you the soundstage for the price is absolutely incredible !!!!!!!!!!!! I played a little Five-Finger-Death-Punch, Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, Type-O-Negative, after room calibration.These babies sang with brute power. The speakers are receiving rave reviews and I took a shot. I have these speakers running through my H/K and I get awesome highs and mids. and everything down from there is whole and clear. Mind you I was running my dual SVS subs and could still hear the power coming from these Polk's from the rear. These guys are loud. This may be the best 130 dollars I have spent on gear as far as price performance ratio. I am going to be hard pressed that there is a better bookshelf on the market at this level. I bought these blind from Polk directly "open box demo". Read the reviews fellas. They are true. Just an amazing set of speakers. These could EASILY be front speakers in a home set up with a sub. I also ran these alone in stereo and the bass they put out is more than formidable.... clean and solid. The frequency range on these speakers is something to be admired. If any one is looking for a wonderful set of speakers without busting the bank. I highly recommend these.
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    Enjoy them mountwoody. Polk Audio makes good speakers!

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