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    Unhappy Please Advice on Jamo S506

    Hi Everybody,

    I'm using an Onkyo HT-R320 receiver and Onkyo HTP-360 5.1 speaker package for the last 5 years.The speakers are basic satellite speakers with a subwoofer.

    The reciever has 600W RMS and 100W each on channel.I was very happy with the overall quality of the system.But lately I started to feel that it lacks a little on the music side and decided to add a pair of tower speakers.

    So I bought a pair of Jamo s506 3 days ago and replaced it with the my front satellite speakers and it did sound better.But today I wanted to test it on a high volume and when I pumped up the volume ,it didn't sound as good as my previous combination (satellite speakers + sub woofer).There was lot of distortion.I thought it could be the mp3 cd
    I was playing.Then I tried few original tracks and I'm more dissappointed.However, there was one track which is in mp3 format (with many instruments and drums) that still sounds better on high volume.Meanwhile one of my friends told me ,it could be that the speakers are not original.I'm totally confused and shattered. What could be wrong??Please advice me.

    And yes, I'm playing the cds on a Sony DVD player which is of reasonable quality I believe.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Were you running this test in 2 channel mode, straight (direct), or in some DPL or Neo:6 configuration?
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    Try a store bought CD. Check the wires. run it 2 channel not five. See if sound improves.
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