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    Phase linear 400 speaker combo?

    I am new to this forum. Just inherited a phase linear 400/2 amp.
    Would appreciate your expertise on pairing it with floor standing speakers.
    Budget is around $300-$800. Maybe something vintage , to compliment
    the amp. Using it to listen house and techno. I am a complete no -fi kind of guy

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    For a good vintage match

    Try a double pair of original or New Advents. Stack them vertically with the upper pair inverted. There were plenty of them made and can be found pretty easily. Refoaming the woofers, if necessary, is easy to do.

    Even today, they have a very neutral sound and doubling them creates a synergy that a single pair doesn't have. I would elevate them just a bit off the floor.

    Welcome to the forum!


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    Advents stacked are way cool. Since rock isn't your interest, it kinda rules out
    vintage JBL's, vintage stuff by klipsh/sansui/pioneer/cerwin vega, would be worth
    a listen. Get on ebay, and have fun.
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    I am not a shill for this establishment or anything. I just like looking at this site for their vintage selections and they are in my driving distance. Cool headgears too.

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    Thanks y'all!

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