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    Paradigm Studio v2 vs. Studio v3 ? ? ?

    I am new to AudioReview and am searching through the various forums about Paradigm's Studio 20 v2 vs. Studio 20 v3. I know the v2's have a wood veneer exterior and the v3's exterior is laminated. What else ? What is the real difference between the v2 and v3 ? ? ?

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    I own the v.2 series and have done some listenings with the v.3 series. In general, the v.2 series has lower bass extension, while the v.3 sacrifices some bass extention for a flatter bass response overall (the v.2 series has about a +2-3 db bump up in the midbass) and huge improvements to the imaging (the v.2 series already images well, but the v.3 has some of the most transparent imaging that you will hear from a conventional design).

    I would say that the v.2 series has a little more "attitude" and punch in the lows, while the v.3 is smoother and more refined while still retaining a bit of the forward character that typifies Paradigm's voicing.

    The Studio v.3 series is getting phased out for a new v.4 series. I have no idea what changes have been made, but if the improvements are of a similar magnitude as the last revision, they will be substantial.
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    Smile V3 are great speakers

    Agree with Woochifer, the v3 Studios are among the best for imaging and soundstage in a direct firing speaker. The v4 Studios look to be grabbing some details from the Signature line so that should be exciting. The Signatures themselves are going to receive beryllium for their tweeter treatment as opposed to gold. Should result in a funky colour ). Cheers


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    I use to own the V.2's. I'd agree with Woochifer in that the V.3's sacrificed some bass for overall smoother presentation. I think the midrange was just slightly more pronounced, which gives it the effect of sounding a bit less bright or detailed. Overall the v.3 is a better speaker, though some people claim to prefer the earlier model.

    In a home theater application, I think the extra bass response of the V.2 becomes moot, since a subwoofer should take over the low frequency duties anyway, and be a better option all around. If the prices aren't too far apart the V.3 is the better way to go.

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