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    Outdoor Speakers

    I am looking to purchase a pair of outdoor speakers. Price range $150 to $250. Does anyone have recommendations? I have heard good things about the Polk Atriums and also thought about Cambridge's outdoor speakers (I have their Newton series surround sound speakers and have been very pleased with them)


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    I think Cambridge's outdoor speakers would suffice.
    Also consider Boston Acoustic outdoor speakers. I've
    had their Runabout speakers, and currently have their Voyager 6
    speakers. Their Voyager 4's fall into your price range ($220 a pair).
    The 4's are rated at 70H-20Khz, have a 4 1/2" coploymer woofer
    & 3/4" soft dome tweeter.
    Niles also makes excellent outdoor speakers, but they are pretty
    pricey. ..good luck, Vardo

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    I've used a couple of brands over the years.

    Cambridge Audio makes decent, inexpensive outdoor speaks. I've also used BIC America's outside. Not the best for sure, but they get the job done and come in white or black.

    Da Worfster

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