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    Outdoor amplified speakers for hot beach environment

    I'm a production tech. People often come to me for reliable recommendations, but there are times when one simply does not have experience with the type of device someone is asking about. What looks good on paper can sometimes turn out to be an elctronics nightmare, so I am looking for some experienced help here today.

    I have a friend who would like to find some speakers for an outdoor environment. The location will be in the area of a beach. To me this means that there might be some blowing sand. Also the climate is very hot, possibly humid. The speakers would be capable of providing ample power as the area will be very open, dessert-like. The location is Mexico.

    We are initially thinking of leaving these speakers outside and connecting them to a walkman type portable player. A 360 degree type speaker might be optimal. Permanent power connections are available for the speakers. Simular alternatives could be considered. We are looking for some very high quality speakers with excellant audio characterics.

    I would appreciate suggestions in regard to this. A plus would be suggestions from users that might actually have experience with this actual type of sound system.

    Thanks for your attention.
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