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    Orb Audio

    I am still searching for speakers to hook up to my Yamaha 795a for the bedroom. I am trying to stay in the $700 range which is tough. Have not found anything that I am ready to pull the trigger on yet. Was looking at the Orb speakers. Has anybody have any experience with them? With the 30 day trail I am thinking about trying them.

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    I have an Orb Audio system. They really are the goods...they deliver what they say, high-end quality sold w/o markups. Great service, too. I must say that I love the subwoofer and the amazing soundstaging of the system overall. Really full sound, to the point where it is sometimes a little unbelievable. I'm a pretty picky person and seem to second guess a lot of purchases, but I've loved this one from the moment I got them. You can't really lose w/ the 30 day home trial, either. I think the Orbs are a good bedroom choice, too, b/c they are great w/ both TV and music, where other systems fall short sometimes w/ music. They also retain their detail and clarity at low volumes, which not all speakers do.

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    Thanks for the reply. I think I will give these a shot.

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