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    Opinions-1990's Infinity RS-5 towers

    Just wanted to know if anyone out there owns a pair and what people think of that series of speaker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evac311
    Just wanted to know if anyone out there owns a pair and what people think of that series of speaker.
    I own a pair of late 90's edition RS-5's. I used them as stereo speakers for several years and loved them. Great sound on a budget. They look nice and are built really well (better than newer Infinity stuff). Recently I mated them w/ an Infinity CC-3 center channel, and Overture 2 front/left towers to fulfill my home theatre setup. The RS-5's bring up the rear w/ great performance. I used to use Infinity US-1's in the rear, but having the RS-5's back there really bring the soundstage to life.

    The RS and Overture lines are an excellent Infinity line to own when you're on a budget and have other priorities to throw $$$ than stereo equipment.
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    They are decent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evac311
    Just wanted to know if anyone out there owns a pair and what people think of that series of speaker.
    got a great deal on the rs-5s when they went on clearance at the local circuit city and liked em until I started listening to other speakers. Eventually replaced them with a boston vrm-60 set and finally replaced those with my current infinity kappa setup. the biggest shortcomings of the rs series, I thought at least, was how dull and non-impactful the sound was on the high-end. REALLY liked the tweeter in the bostons and settled with the kappas cos they were a more full balance of the mids and highs.

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    I think the Reference Series were kinda poor. I still use a very well worn set of Reference Series 2000.1's (RS1, 0.5" tweeter, 5.25" woofer). THey suck, but get the job done. My parents very old home theater system consists of a pair of 2000.3's (RS3), a CC3 center, and a pair of 2000.1's as surrounds (and a Yamaha sub). Just like I said they get the job done, but kinda stink.

    The 1" silk dome in the 2000.3 and CC3 sounds better than the 'el generico' 0.5" polycarbonate tweeter, but other than that I would spend my money elsewhere.

    Honestly the only infinity's I was impressed by were some mid 90's Kappa Towers. They had the 'emit-R' tweeter (or maybe it was the round metal disk tweeter, forget their name of that design), a 3" white/transparent 'polydome' midrange and I believe either an 8" or 10" woofer. I was pretty impressed by the sound those put out. I think it was mostly due to that midrange dome.

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