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    Not another Dayton Sub

    Alot of members recommend Dayton Titanic mk3. I recommend them to others also because I trust alot of you guys. To me, a sub is a sub as long as it has relatively flat freq response...well is it? Seems like no one ever talks about that except how powerful they are. My Paradigm PW-2200 is resonably powerful too, but who wants that HUGE hump around 50-60hz.

    Anyone here gotta a freq chart w/o EQ?

    Thank you,


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    The MKIII comes with a PEQ built in.
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    I see that now, but not for a 10". Maybe I need a new tube integrated with a set of pre-out. I knew this day was going to come....hmmmmm

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    Was that "hump" measured in-room or under anecholic conditions?

    Unless you have a very large room, just about any normal room will produce a large peak and/or cancellation at some frequency within the bass range no matter how flat your subwoofer's frequency response measures under anecholic conditions. Plus, with ported subs, the magnitude of room boundary reinforcement can get exaggerated if your room's too small.

    The response curve for my sub (both with and without EQ) is posted below. But, it's meaningless for anyone else because they likely will have different room dimensions, different furniture, and a different alignment for the subwoofer relative to where they sit. Even with the same subwoofer, someone else in their room will probably hear something very different from what I get inside my room.

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    Thanks Wooch,

    What I measured was well..... in-room, and I recall seeing a anecholic chart from some magazine about 5 years ago. I agree that every room and its positions will have huge effects, but what sub puts out will not be changed. EQ can help tame the curve flatter, but who wants to start that with a wild one.


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