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    Newbie needs advice - Polk 65T or Paradigm Monitor 7 v5 ??

    Looking at the Polk 65T and Paradigm Monitor 7 v5 towers. Mostly for TV and music for home theatre.....

    Any advice or experience with these speakers?


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    Both have a good sound. So try to listen to these two speakers and let your ears decide.

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    I never actually listened to those two models, but the Paradigm 7's have always had good reviews. I have a pair to Paradigm Titans v5, and I like them. Also have some Polks, (SDA CRS, Monitor 7 and Monitor 40). The Paradigm to me have a smoother high end, non fatiguing. Just my 2 cents. I would have more Paradigm's, but I'm cheap and they are harder to come buy (used) in my area anyway.

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