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    New SVS PB10-ISD subwoofer review published

    A link to the review is provided:

    A product review of the new SVS PB10-ISD subwoofer has been published by Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity. Based on this review, I am glad I got my order in early!

    Audio Review has established a page for user reviews of this sub here (thanks to ericl).
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    Cool. Sounds like SVS has another winner on their hands.

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    I just received email notification that the PB10-ISD I ordered has shipped. It is due to arrive on Friday.

    That means you still have a chance to order this new "economy" subwoofer from SVS at the pre-order price of $399 until October 31st. See here for more information.

    A demo comparing the SVS PB10-ISD with the far more expensive SVS PB12-Ultra/2 was held in Arizona. A thread with posts from the participants is here.

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