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    New member with a question

    Hi! I'm 23 and just going back to college in the fall. I am an audio enthusiast, although I'm just getting into it and finding the world of home audio very exciting.

    I'm picking up a Magnavox 5-disc to replace my current MTC single disc player, which doesn't run great.

    Other than that I am running a pair of Sound Dynamic Bookshelf SS1 speakers through a beautiful B&O Beomaster 3000 reciever.

    Unless I can find something really great (like possibly a vintage Threshold which is out of my price range) to replace my Beomaster with, it stays, I'm smitten with it - both the design and the performance, although I am curious as to what other members think of the Beomaster 3000.

    However, I am thinking about upgrading my Sound Dynamics. What is the general consensus here on the SS1s? I was thinking about replacing them with either Kef Codas, B&W 302s, or Athena BS-1s.

    Is this an okay setup for my first setup, and would surround sound enhance it (upgrading the front speakers and using the SS1s for the rear) or would it be unnecessary for a college dorm?

    Thank you!

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    Well I know from reading the forums and researching that the B&W 302s are excellent for the money, and you might as well consider the Athena AS-B2s since they are only $150 from audioadvisor. Don't know anything about the Codas.

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