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    New Floor Standing Speakers

    I currently own the following system: Paradigm Monitor 9's (L/R), Paradigm CC150 (center channel), Yamaha 4600, Audioquest CV-4 and Bedrock speaker cables. Now my question is that I was pondering upgrading once I graduate, I would like new speakers. Thus, I would like to spend about $3000 CAD, suggestions? I listen to trance, movies, and television with my system.

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    Yeah -- stop watching television.

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    I would definately audition the Paradigm Studio Series. If you don't need a subwoofer then you may be able to hit your target budget (especially if you were to sell those Monitor 9's).

    Fronts: Paradigm Studio 60
    Centre: Paradigm Studio CC-470
    Surrounds: Paradigm Studio ADP-470

    You may also want to consider picking up the CC-470 on AudiogoN, to save a few dollars. I see it listed for US$450.

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    Are the Studio 100's not better than the 60s in terms of bass output as well as overall improved sound?

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    does anyone know the msrp of kef 107/2's bought in early '90's

    someone has offered me a pair. these are the ones with the equalizer.

    thanks pls email me at

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    Quote Originally Posted by audiocoyote
    someone has offered me a pair. these are the ones with the equalizer.

    thanks pls email me at
    You should really post this as a new thread... The question has nothing to do with the OP. You will get a much better response that way.

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