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    Need your opinion on dali concept 8


    I am new to forum. I am looking to purchase a surround receiver and and a pair of front floorstanders.

    My shortlist are the JM Focal Lab chorus 714 s and
    Dali Concept 8. I havent had a chance to listen to either yet.

    My receiver shortlist are the onkyo sr602 and denon avr 2105.

    Just wondering if anyone out there owns a pair of or have listen to the Dalis and have an opinion on them. Coz, I cant find any reviews of them, whether user or journal. Except for one at

    And for some reason WHat Hifi magazine makes no mention of the dali 8.

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    Hello and welcome to audioreview!

    The Denon 2105 is a very good machine for the money and even comes with a calibration unit which is very helpfull. I can recomend that unit too. I have heard the Dali MS5 and the Dali Megaline. The finishes on all DALI models (i have seen and briefly heard them all since i know the biggest dealer in germany personally) are very good and a terrific bargain. Sometimes the bass can be a little bit boomy, so the room plays a important role.

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    I have chorus 707S speakers, and enjoy them quite a lot. Have a look at my review :

    Hope that helps,


    EDIT!: I think Dali are replacing the concept line with the IKON line, but not sure. IKON line has received great reviews up until now (What-HIFI) but I havn't tried them.

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    Thanks guys. I went and bought the onkyo and the dalis anyway. Still waiting for the dalis to be delivered and still waiting for quality cables for the receiver.

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