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    Need your input on some speakers.

    I'm looking at these jbl audio speakers and need some input on what you guys think about them and how much they are. Its the northridge series. The speakers that I'm looking at are E60, Ec25, the E150p and 250p, E10 and the E20, 30 and 50. I looked for reviews but could only find a review for the E60. I'm not sure if anybody else has these but if you've herd them or have them please tell me what you think. I'm am also on a budget of a 1,000 dollars. Thanks.

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    From what I have heard of the Northridge I think you can do better from Athena at half the money. JBL IMO are pretty hoaky products. They simply are a shadow of what the company once was. Yes they're big but remember the saying

    JBL = Junk But Loud. And this was from the guy selling them.

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