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    Need a subwoofer that will last

    So need a new subwoofer for HT system.

    Use maybe 2 hours a week. But have only been getting 4 to 5 years out of the polk ones. Is this normal.

    Current one that stopped working is a Polk psw111 which is a 8".
    Last one was same brand but a larger model.
    A 8 " does all I want it to do for the occasional movie. And smaller the better for looks.

    Is polk subs dependable as anyother brand. 15 years and never a problem with the center, fronts or rear speakers.


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    Would help if you provided a budget.

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    Try to check out RSL Speedwoofer. It is a decent subwoofer and not pricey.

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    Velodyne or SVS, I have owned both. The Velodyne, a 12" I gave to my son, he is still using it, darn thing is twenty years old! If not older! And I know what you mean about the Folks, they rarely last, and are not the best bang for the buck. Much better picks out there.

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