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    Need Help with Dipoles Speakers

    I have a pair for Paradigm ADP-470 for my surrounds but for some reason only one side of the speaker is producing sound during movie playback. I thought it could be the wiring but then i said it wouldnt work at all if the wire was wrong am I right on this. If not what else could cause this. Also i feel the isnt enough sound coming out of them i know its just the surround track but its just seems to be very low and not producing the true surround effect its supposed to.

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    Greetings!..1st..remove speaker and hook it up for stereo play back in the FRONT! eather left or right...then listen to the both sides play?....I think not.....because one side can be blown and the other still play...I have come accross this before....but if both are playing...and at same volume!...well something real funny is afoot...replace it back in surround position...if playing fine...set your play back for pro logic 2 and play music thru the surrounds an whole system..adjust speakers volume to be correct for this setting.....are both sides playing?....if so....then they should work in Dolby Digital as well....... I suspect over all that my first suspicion of a blown side is the case...surrounds can get blown easly because most of the time people are still improving them and movie dinamics are far more powerfull than music...even if you set the size correctly ie SM

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    Running the test signal from the processor should be enough to determine if there's a problem. When cycling the signal through all positions. After checking the levels. Does the right and left surrounds sound alike? If the surround in question sound lower, place your ear next to it during the next cycle of tones. Does the affected speaker play only on one side? What about the other surround? If the one is question is different then you probably have a blown driver. If you switch the two surround speakers, does the problem follow the speaker or amplifier channel? Also I think some of the ADP were configurable for di-pole and bi-pole. It's possible there's a problem with the switch. Is it partially switched? Several tests you can try to determine the problem.

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    bfalls is on the right track for testing this the right way in my opinion. If you find that the problem is one of the drivers then I would look at a replacement as they are easy to replace but Paradigm is rather proud of their replacement drivers as far as price goes but if you are wanting matching sound with both speakers then that is the way to go. I do not know this model of speakers very well do they have switches in them to change them from dipole to bipole? There are times when the connections on these switches can go bad or the switch themselves that could cause this problem as well but if there are no switches for this most likely either you are out of polarity with the wiring but I am sure you checked this so I am assuming that the problem would either be the drivers or the crossovers. I used to sell Paradigm and had a couple of speakers come back with crossover components that went bad and the tweeter would not work very well at all, you could here sound out of it but it was very weak because the crossover was damaged. there are many variables to consider but testing will let you know what the issues are in most cases.

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