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    Need help choosing on wall speakers

    Hi all. I'm new here and like all noobs I need advice.
    I got a new TV as my Christmas bonus (Samsung FP-T5084) and have finally convinced my wife that we need new speakers to "compliment" the new TV.
    I have a yamaha RX-V1700 receiver and will be replacing a bose acoustimass system (I know, but I paid $150 for it).
    I plan on keeping the receiver for a while but the bose must go.
    I really want floor standers but the wife insists on hidden in walls. She doesn't want to see them but we've compromised on a set of on wall speakers. Bookshelf's are out.
    My room is 17' x 20' and I'll be mostly watching TV, some movies and some music. I'll be going with a 5.1 system but will probably only be purchasing the left, right and center for now.

    I've listened to Paradigm Millenia 30, KEF KHT6000 and Def. Tech Mythos 8 (this is also my order of preference).

    My questions are:
    Can anyone give me more options to check out?
    Are there any opinions here, good or bad, about the speakers mentioned?
    Should I throw out the whole idea of on wall and work on getting my wife to accept floor standers?

    My budget is ~$2000

    Any help/advice would be appreciated.

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    If you don't go with on wall speakers I would can the floorstanding idea and go with good small to medium bookshelf speakers on stands and go with a great sub for the bass that crosses over to the bookshelves at about 70-80hz. Large floorstanding speakers (which cost a lot more) produce bass that is duplicated much better by an excellent sub. Look at SVS, HSU, Outlaw Audio and Velodyne for great subs.

    As far as the on-wall speakers Energy is another excellent brand. Below is a link to their "Take" line available in white, silver or black. In my opinion the Paradigm and Def Tech lines are both excellent.


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    I think I would get rid of the wife for not letting you have some decent speakers. There are alot of speakers that have excellent wood finishes like rosewood that would look like a piece of furniture. Vienna Acoustics make some sharp looking speakers that sound pretty good. You might want to consider the magnepan panels that can mount on a wall, but you will need a subwoofer and the wife might not go for that. Even axiom audio has custom finishes.
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