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    need approx. appraisel on some klipsch speakers

    I have had these 2 klipsch speakers for a LONG time now and they are still in mint-mint condition and was wondering if they were worth anything sice I ahve read up a little and some models seem to be worth a pretty penny.

    The thing is I am not sure of the model or anything but I took a few pictures and here they are.

    if anyone could reply saying any info such as model or the name of the speakers or even a approx. price of the value, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    If you find someone to buy those make sure you keep the grill on when you show them

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    o thats not the cover taken off thats the back of the speaker. Unless you were referring the grill as something else.

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    The model you own is the KG 4 as noted on the speakers terminals. Considering the speakers are slightly damaged. You could probably get 2 to 250 for those. That is if the only thing with damage is the passive radiator in the back.

    If their was no damage at all you could probably get 350 to 400 for those.

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    Yeah, I wouldn't describe those as "mint-mint condition" either.
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    The speakers are indeed Kg4s, an excellent speaker. I've had two pairs over the years and still have a pair I'll never part with. These originally sold for around $600+ new. I paid $530/pr for mine. I've watched the resale of these over the years and have noticed they've gained in popularity over the past five. You don't show very much of the speaker's condition except that the passive rear radiator is "poked" in. This really doesn't affect the sound, but will reduce the amount you can get. I believe if the finish (Oiled Walnut) is in good condition, the woofer surrounds are good and there aren't to many chips and dings, you should still be able to get $250-$300/pair. If the cabinets are bad you still should be able to get good money parting them out since the K-8-K woofer are no longer available and you can get approx. $40-$50/ea.

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