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    Need advice for speakers for Denon 2802

    I need an advice which speakers is the best match for my Denon 2802. I need to buy 2 fronts and I've auditioned Paradigm Studio 60 v3 and studio 100 v3. I feel 100 has way deeper bass (well, it wasn't blind auditioning, so maybe it's just psychology :-) ) However, the amplifier in the store was way more powerful than my 90 watts/channel from 2802. Would it be enough for 100 (which I really liked) or buying 100 for 2802 is simply a waste of money and I should go with Studio 60? I'd appreciate any advice.

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    90wpc should be more than enough. Look at the specs for the 100's. Minimum power is 15wpc!
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    Some people run Studio 100s with tube amps rated for 3 watts. Your Denon will work just fine.

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