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    Mystery Sehring speakers...

    I was gifted a pair of Sehring bookshelf loudspeakers and for the life of me cannot find a thing on them on the net, and very, very little on Sehring on the internet.

    The model number was hand written and is pretty faded, I think it says System 50I.

    The wiring setup is a bit weird. I think it was previously separately wired for tweeter/woofer but someone's made it perfectly usuably, albeit messily, a single cable setup using the top plugs. Is it worth converting them back? Or is that even how they originally were?! *confused*

    The centre of the woofer seems to be a solid non-moving cylinder of metal with the woofer cone around it. Someone here will know what this is, I've never seen it before.

    Real wood veneer, extremely heavy for bookshelfs.

    Would love some information on these!!! They don't sound bad...

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    Sehring Audio Systeme GmbH

    Both of these links have contact information to help you in your search.

    That's the best I can do. I already sent an email to the main company in Germany. I'll let you know if they reply.
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    I have a chance to buy a set of those.
    Could you please write sth. about the sound type?
    What would you compare them to?

    I'm wondering if they could sound like the famous Dynaudio Contour.
    I would be very grateful for any reply.
    Thank you!

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    Unknown Speakers .

    A few years ago I picked up a pair of Electron 2 way front ported ,
    speaters , with oak cabnits , in a pawn shop for $100.00, the fome was crumbling around the drivers , I had them rebuilt , for $80, They
    sound great , They have a frequency range of 20-25000 hz ,
    Built in Toronto by Univerisal Scientific Industries INC.
    The drivers look like a cardboard welt . And have a bright clear sound to them . The power handling is 15 -50 watts RMS .I would say from the early 80s, They sound better than the AR s BX ers , I use for 4 channel , .
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