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    My headphones dilema, and an ipod philosophy...

    Etymotic ER6i vs. Shure E2C's

    I'm researching a new set of plugs to replace the standard... dare I say it... ipod set.

    Now, the Etymotic's are on Ebay for a good price, although they come in 'awful white' to match the cursed ipod that has wobbled from the ultracool pedestal is once so proudly stood on, and crashed spectacularly to earth - at least in these cultured circles! A seperate issue I know, but just because the product has become absurdly commercialised doesn't necassarily make it a mistake to buy. Quality has remained reasonably high since the generation 1 five gig ipod I first owned, although, needless to say, the new headphones are awful. Nowadays though, it has become a hard player to praise: much easier to have 'moved on', far less sheep-like.

    I think the problem lies in its vibrantly 'individual' design, which may prove its downfall since every bastard now owns one, giving rise to a new army of ipod clones. Oh well, plenty more colours for them to turf out...

    Ha. Well, I stand by the bloody player, until a rival manufacturer turns out a better one...although I would still rather remain inconspicious: the standard black ER6's would be a much prefered option, but there you go...

    Anyways, any comments would be appreciated, I'm leaning towards the Etymotics at the moment. Any other suggests in a similar price range would also be gratefully recieved.


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    I purchased the Shure E2 at Best Buy this weekend. They are very comfortable and the sound quality is amazing.

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