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    more infor on adires Monster

    This is incredible.

    24" driver made for dipole or IB use, 12" of peek to peek excursion, basically 4 voice coiles. Capable of moving as much air as 12 Tumults.


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    Omg!!!! That Is Freaky Bass!

    Those are some pretty staggering stats that Adire Audio has posted!

    24" square diaphragm, 12" linear excursion, 49 lbs for the motor assembly alone?!

    66 liters of linear air displacement?! Theoretically capable of 450 liters of air displacement with a 48"x48" panel?!

    Flat anecholic response down to 6 Hz?! 121 db reference level output at 20 Hz just sitting on a floor with no box and no baffle?!

    That is just sick! Would love to hear one for myself!

    This is JUST the motor assembly ... it already looks pretty dang scary without the voice coils, diaphragms, or suspensions in place!

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