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    Mixed HT Speaker Setup - What to Keep?

    I currently have a 5.1 system with plans at some point to go to 7.1. The problem is, I started buying speakers years ago before I knew what I was doing. So here's what I currently have:

    Center - Polk CS245 (not 245i)
    LR - Cambridge Soundworks MC100 (not MC105)
    Rear - Cambridge MC50 (not MC55)
    Sub - Cambridge BassCube 8S

    The sub isn't an issue but I want my LCR and Rears to match. So the question is, should I sell my Polk CS245 and replace it with a Cambridge MC155 center or sell my existing Cambridge and replace with Polk Monitors or RTis?

    Any advice would be great!

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    Hi Stevo,

    Welcome to AR.

    Which speakers are "better" is very subjective. One man's perfect sound is another's crap.
    What do you think of them? Do you prefer one sound over the other?
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    The center speaker is the most important in HT IMHO. A poor center speaker will make dialogue hard to understand. Do you like the sound of the Polk? If not, then compare it to the Cambridge Center speaker. Also, audition the RTI's and Moniotrs.

    Hope this helps some!
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    Yes the c channel is of paramount concern and should be able too elisit quiet wispers and great mids.I set the c too small only on my 7.1 setup as to direct a little more bass to my subs.You may find your current spkrs are terrific and not notice timbre differences except when you put your ear to each one as i did,then i noticed a difference.Trying to timbre match a new and older spkr is daunting in the least,i mean how do you start without taking it all around town and hooking it up in multiple sound rooms ? I would consider a good musical spkr fine for movies using dome tweeters but i added a pair of bic ht-63 bi-directional l&r side horn loaded spkrs for much better dynamic range and arrows and bullits are for real killers! funny I never ever noticed timbre differences in my listening position and you may find your spkrs are awesome for 7.1 ,but hey if they dont, just order online from good rep. sellers,theres alot of good spkrs out there,im using infinity beta 50 L&R, BETA 20S LR&RR W/ KLIPSCH C ,AND as i said bic side L&R SIDE, a velodyne 10" sub and a 10"JBL ALSO,ITS NOW 7.2 using splitters everywhere,gotta feed both l&r sub channels you no! I love all the pioneer sound options including 7 ch. stereo! GO upgrade and secure nic naks during testing!!!

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