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    Mission speakers

    When I was stationed in England I liked the sound of Mission speakers. I am thinking of buying a pair of m31's for 149$ of m70s's for 69$. Is the sound of the m31s worth twice the amount for the m70s? These will be for a bedroom system. And these are sold online and I can't find a place near to audition.

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    I suspect you are looking at TSTO? I bought a Mission setup from them last year, and love it. I also have an old pair of 707's that I bought over 20 yrs ago. I am not familiar with either of the speakers you are considering. I suspect since the m31's are ported, they may have a bit more bass. That being said, personally, I would take a shot with the m70's. They are so cheap, that if you don't like them you can either use them in the basement or garage or sell them on ebay to recoup some of your money. Not sure if it helps, but I find my newer v62's a bit more mellow than my 707's, and wonder if one could generalize that the newer Missions are warmer than their older ones. What Missions were you listening to in England?

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    I have no idea whether the M70 sounds better than the M31 but I am a huge fan of Mission Speakers... I think they are excellent entry to mid level speakers (the ones I've heard)... I owned a pair of V63 floorstanders for 2 years and they were exceptional value for the price...

    I've also heard the M31s but not the M70... But I agree with Phillyguy's comments "if you don't like them you can either use them in the basement or garage or sell them on ebay to recoup some of your money"...

    If I was in your position. I'd probably take the plunge and get the M70s....

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    I really like mission speakers, i'm sitting beside a pair of M35i floorstanders right now, amazing speakers for the money.

    I dunno, listen to both speaker and let your ears decide!
    Jeeze... people still use sigs?!

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    Mission speakers are the best!

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    Be kind to other stereo buff's and generate awesome speaker karma.

    Hey everyone great thread,
    Just last saturday I was cleaning out a shared storage space with a friend and gave away a small but very nice pair of Mission credenza speakers just to be generous. I believe I paid about $25 u.s. dollar's at a thrift store and was impressed with the build, wire connects and the sound of such a great little speaker. I found out from my research on the web that my pair of speakers were used in several very smart credenza models that philips marketed just 2 years ago. You see, my speaker karma is excellent. Not only did this lucky guy get a great speaker from a stranger but his lady friend thought they were small enough for his room. I think we call that the WAF, we should all be so very lucky to satisfy our ears and our love lives.
    Be generous and give something beautiful away with no expectation. You will be amazed at the results in you life. I have people give me beutiful music, stereo gear, art and even a few automobile's in my life. Gee I wonder how that comes around.

    What an awesome hobby we share, we are so lucky.

    Take care everyone of you and thanks for being apart of this forum

    Later Doug

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