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    Unhappy McIntosh MA 6800

    I bought the McIntosh MA 6800 in China,Beijing for 1800 $
    BUT i got no user manual.
    And,shame on me,i dont really know how to connect the speaker cables.
    It does not say plus or minus,but Speaker 1:C,2,4,8
    I connected plus to C and Minus to 8,
    but somehow i got too much bass,
    do I have to change something.?
    Another question:
    I want to buy the B&W DM 604 S3,
    but are any other advices for speakers which are not too expencive but also strong enough to stand the power of the MA 6800

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    C is ground and 2/4/8 is ohms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brigrizzme
    C is ground and 2/4/8 is ohms.
    Correct- you had it reversed and MAC is real sensitive to that - recommend 8 ohms for ( + )

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