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    Matching center channel?

    I have Mirage FRX5 fronts and would like to buy a center channel. I've heard to go with the center that matches your fronts. The challenge is this Mirage line is discontinued! I did see a FRX Center on Ebay that I was looking at, but it was in terrible shape.

    I like my fronts a lot so I'm not looking to replace them, but would like a center channel.

    Any ideas?

    Would another Mirage center be comparable in sound? Someone suggested bringing my fronts to the store and testing them out there with various centers- I could do that by these are floorstanding speakers and that can be a pretty big hassle.

    I guess I could get demo various centers at home and make a decision. What should I be looking for when checking to see if the center matches the fronts?

    Thanks a bunch!!

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    Dont know what your speakers look like or spec...but...They make a funky new OML series type.. and I believe they have been into the omni directional school for some time.I would make sure the center you choose has the same basic design and SPL level equal to might want to contact them direct and inquire....of course maybe this is bad advice since, naturally, they may tell you to buy a complete new set...

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    Matching Center

    I am using an Infinity CC3 speaker that has duel tone controls on the back that will match it to just about any speaker. Sound is excellent on this speaker.

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    I'd recommend trying ebay and can post a "wanted" ad at I think your patience would be better rewarded with the best match you can get, even if this means waiting awhile longer.

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