Martin Logan ESL

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  • 01-24-2010, 10:58 AM

    the great part of this speaker (aside from its xlnt sound for the bux) is that there are eager buyers waiting in the wings to take them off your hands. another thing is that if you diecide to go BIG maggies in the front, the MMGs will serve nicely as rear speakers.

    as it is, i use them in front on stands that raise them up seven inches and sets them verticaly rather than canted back plus a hsu sub and in the rear of the dynaquad surround setup, ratshack minimus 7s. the mix of planar and coned dynamics isnt distracting.

    they are an easy load for most amps unlike electrostats. early on i found that they will cause certain amps to shut down. my friends ML reQuests worked very well with the adcoms like the 5400 and 5500 which are high current amps. anthony cordesman used a 555 to drive apogee scintillas (quite well) which are a ONE OHM load !