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    Smile Magnat Speakers info (7P)

    I would like to know more info (specs) about older Magnat speakers.
    I have had a pair of 7P's for about 10 years, was looking at upgrading at the local equipment specialist store - only to find a problem.
    All the youngish staff (all experts in their own right) had never seen or heard of these old speakers (Magnats) I had bought in to compare in the sound room.
    As they disconected the 2nd pair of demonstration speakers, and quietly muttering to one another another 2 guys were starting to carry in 3rd pair of speakers, large expensive "Polks" and other brands I had never heard of. Well to cut the story down, it meant to buy speakers marginally better sounding than these old Magnats I had to spend $3000- $4000 NZD. As I left there I was was somewhat perplexed, with vgood respect for these old speakers & feeling a bit silly as I knew virtually nothing about them specs wise. Can anyone help with any info?
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    Magnat is a german company and resides here


    I had a Magnat center speaker once which was quite good, and the Omega 250 sub is good too.

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