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    looking for cheap front speakers mainly for surrond

    just wondering if wharfedale speakers are any good? which ones? could i use bookshelf or do i need floorstanders?

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    Yes Wharfedale is quite nice. The Diamond series is very inexpensive. The 8.1 and 8.2 are quite solid buys. They are the sister company of Mission and under the Quad umbrella. Both Mission and Quad have standmounts too. Mission may also be in this price range and worth looking at...mainly the M70 line.

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    Wharfe Diamonds are pretty good VFM

    Quote Originally Posted by madmax1
    just wondering if wharfedale speakers are any good? which ones? could i use bookshelf or do i need floorstanders?

    I dont know your budget or your room size or amp, but i have heard most wharfedale speakers, and if youre looking for VFM then the Diamond 8.3 or 8.4 are great as fronts coupled with the diamond center (very good for its price) and the DFS surrounds... And a sub ofcourse.

    I am using the Wharfedale Evo 30s with the Evo Center (to be very honest theres not that much of difference b/w them and the diamonds) and theyre pretty good entry level speakers for HT and stereo. Theyre more expensive than the diamonds but look fantastic and the detailing is a lil better.

    If you use a good sub then i think for HT you can get away with bookshelfs, ive even heard the JBL S36 or JBL N24 (on stands) as front and surrounds with the Studio centre coupled with a JBL PB10 or 12 sub.. .and it was pretty good for HT. This was with an AVR5000 receiver from JBL.

    Post me if i can help in any way.

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