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Thread: Large or Small?

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    Large or Small?

    I have multiple speaker arangement. Last weekend I moved speakers around so that I could make better use of my Paradigm Studio 100's. As well I set my front 20's and the 100's to large.
    I found with this arrangement that the soundfield in my room was more coherant and sounded quite pleasing. But I also noticed and I didn't know if this was due to my mood or the different arrangement, that the music was unengaging. After listening for a week like this I set my 20's and 100's back to small with just the rear speakers set to large. And the magic is back. The music for me is once again engaging.
    I don't know if this is because with speakers set to small I get better mid-range performance. Or with all the bass I was getting with speakers set to large that it was masking the mid-range.
    So even if you have the power to drive your speakers in large setting. It comes down to what sounds the best to you in your room, whether it be large or small.

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    I agree! I think sometimes when advice is ask for the answers are taken as absolutes and should be taken as a starting point to experiment in what sounds best to the individual listening to the system. Different people have different tastes and the answers for one individual may not be right for another. There are certain suggestions that will improve or change the sound for everyone. Most general information is very helpful but in the end playing around with the settings and placement of equipment is not only fun it can sometimes get results that are more pleasing to your ear than what someone else may like.

    I wish that I had some technical knowledge of how things should be adjusted to go along with the experimental information I have gained. I am sure that my system could benefit from someone more technically informed, but I think it sounds fairly good on music and movies the way I have it set up. If any of you ever get in my area I would be more than happy for you to give my system a listen and make suggestions, Jeff
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wireworm5
    So even if you have the power to drive your speakers in large setting. It comes down to what sounds the best to you in your room, whether it be large or small.
    Very true - if you've got a good sub, conventional wisdom dictates that setting speakers to small should have some advantages even with bass capable floorstanders, but you really have to find out for yourself.

    In my home theatre I've found that all speakers set to small works the best, but I'd never suggest that will universally apply.


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