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    Just want to say thanks...

    to all those who have spent their time responding to speaker (and other) questions I've posted over the past 6 months or so. I have learned a great deal and your advice has been invaluable in making my purchase of a pair of Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand's.

    After a wait of about a month, I finally picked them up 2 days ago. Right out of the box they sound great. Super-smooth and clean highs, awesome, rich and emotive mids (these speakers really excel at voices and horns!), and full, fairly tight bass. Overall, a slightly laid-back presentation but with great detail, imaging, and coherence.

    It will be interesting to hear them after a break-in period and the changes that will occur. I am enjoying the heck out of them right now listening to a little Bela Fleck and if they get better after break-in I will be amazed!

    The only problem is a gouge/chip on one of them in the finish where the post for the grill inserts into the cabinet face. This is quite frustrating, these things were not cheap, especially with the extra $200 for Rosewood finish upgrade! As they are a matched set I have to get 2 new ones! I don't understand how this could happen when these things came straight from the manufacturer and there was no damage to the boxes anywhere. So much for quality control!

    Now I need to experiment with some new cables and a CD player to tweak things a bit. Would like to tighten up the bass just a little and maybe widen the soundstage too if possible. Then I need to start working on system 2 in the basement. Thinking of trying some tube gear. First I need to work on the wife and convince her I need to spend several thousand more dollars on audio equipment - she does love the new VA's though - maybe it won't be too difficult.

    I already have a ton of questions rolling around up in the little grey matter for system 2. A decidedly happier
    bunch of grey matter after the new purchase.

    Thanks again, and happy listening!

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    Sweet! And happy listening to you, too.

    And thanks for piping up. We know there are lurkers (and mostly-lurkers) out there getting similar quality information, just as I'm sure there are lurkers out there who are getting the complete wrong idea -- but it's nice to hear from one once in a while.
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    happy listening...

    convincing your wife ain't that hard, just don't buy some huge klipshes (a klipschhorn for example) or so, then she'll probably get mad

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    Dusty nailed it.
    Congrats on the new speakers. They are very fine units. Enjoy.

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    Good choice

    Those are great speakers, but what is up with their website? Geesh takes forever to get anywhere.

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