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    Talking Just burnt an awsome cd....

    Hey everyone,
    Just made a cd. Full of bass testers and THX surround sound testers. Really cool stuff! Talk about bottoming out at high levels ha. You should all download some and give them a run on your system!

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    What is it? where is it?


    Where did you find these? What were they titled as? how large is it? what bit rate is it in?
    did you get this off of some site or Kaz??
    Let me know man. I wanna give it a try too.
    Merry X-mas,
    Mains: B+W 703 in cherry
    Surrounds: B+W HTM7
    Center: B+W DS7
    Sub: Def Tech Pro 80 On HFE through center channel
    Sub: DefTech 12" in back of room
    Reciever: Denon 3803
    Amp : B+K Reference 200.2
    CD: Denon DCM 370
    DVD: Denon DVD1600
    TV: Toshiba 32 inch Cinema Series FST Pure Flat
    Cables: Audioquest CV-6's, CV-4's, Diamondbacks
    Rack: BDI
    Power: Brickwall

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    Just go onto Kazaa and type in thx. You'll get lots of results. Bass and surround tests. To hear them in surround you'll have to use the Pro Logic decoders because they don't download in their original surround mix. There are ones of all different sizes. Some are better than others. Type in bass test will also get you some results. Try them out. I'm not exactly sure of the bit rate. Good luck. Merry Christmas

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