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    Question JBL Sub Amp Problems

    Has anybody had Problems with JBL Subwoofer Amps , : Back some years ago my JBL North Ridge Sub Amp Broke, JBL Sent Me a new One Free ( 350 watts 12 Inch ) Now the new one is Broke . Best Buy where I bought the first one said My newer Amp would Cost + $300 to replace amp . I have a 7.1 JBL North Ridge Setup on a Poineer Elite Multi- Channel VSX 52 TX Receiver. Right Now the Sub is Being returned to Best Buy Store by my house. I would like to Keep with all JBL"s I wondering If I sould buy another Brand Sub ?
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    I have one and not so far what is your problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dock
    Has anybody had Problems with JBL Subwoofer Amps ,
    It will help to know the model number of the sub. It's usually on the back on a sticker above the speaker wire connectors--not the serial number but the model number, like L8400P, HTPS400, E250, etc.
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